Updated on:12 MAR 2020 10:00 AM

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With the COVID-19 pandemic raging across the world, restaurants have seen a complete slump in footfall. Following government guidelines, many have chosen to stay open and continue business on a delivery model. Such times have called for extreme saving measures -- every penny counts. ​This is where Subdine enters. We reshape the outlook of any restaurant by digitalizing its function and operation While some have been reluctant to digitalizing, recent events have proved the usefulness of digitalizing solutions. Our latest product, DOT, is a restaurant analysis application, offering both software and hardware solutions to boost the workflow and profits of restaurants. Our advanced analyzing tool can breakdown expenditure, inventory and staffing to identify hidden costs, cash leaks and minimize interaction. We use this data to optimize capital and increase productivity.

Our team comprises software, hardware, and design experts with experience in the F&B and tech industries. Our Smart IoT devices are particularly useful for getting through unprecedented measures imposed to fight the global pandemic. Essentially, the purpose of our application is to provide personal assistance to your restaurant, from managing your stocks to deciding your menu. This assistance is largely based on analyzing data and metrics.


  • Our app's in-built features provide a detailed account of your purchase, storage and usage of raw materials. These features can also be customized to fit your business needs. Additionally, we help you choose trustworthy and efficient vendors. Our features can then track purchases and manage invoices.
  • We provide integrated stock management for all your branches. Finished goods and dishes are tracked. Expiry alerts are automated which helps you manage the use of perishable goods. The availability of material in your stock and its use by the chef is also tracked.
  • Staff management is made easy with our application. It checks and compares the performance of the chef and other staff within a restaurant and its branches. Our consolidated report of usage helps reduce wastage of materials. The quantity and quality of items sent are compared with respective sales figures to analyze kitchen performance.
  • We use data to help with menu engineering and strategize your menu creation. We also identify profitable and popular dishes and help curate the menu based on online reviews and feedback. We also handle recipe management to determine the cost based on data. ​

Our package of smart devices helps manage your restaurant kitchen and related activities. Our IoT smart devices can help restaurants combat the COVID-19 crisis and adapt to any situation. For example, our Smart Racks device helps you store raw materials more efficiently with an automated system. The Smart Tracker helps manage buildings, spaces, and services without infringing the privacy of the people served. Activities previously done manually and time-consumingly can now be replaced with our smart devices that provide completely automated services. This proves extremely helpful given strict social distancing rules that are here to stay for a long time.

​Preventing food wastage and safe storage are two other important challenges that our devices can tackle during this disruption. Employees also benefit from getting more time to focus on urgent issues like preventing foodborne diseases.

To sum up, Subdine Solutions is transforming the way restaurants operate. Our team successfully blends hardware and software to create data and solutions that take restaurant profitability to the next level by increasing productivity, optimizing workflow,and reducing wastage.